Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Episode 4: Southland Tales (2006)


Angie's pick for the month is Southland Tales (2006). IMDb. Wikipedia.

Check out Jak's complete song "Waking in a Mass Grave" from the album Action Packed Self Destruction.


therealphoenixanew said...

Fun fact: After our discussion of Kelly's other works, I went to add The Box and Domino to my Netflix disc queue. Adding The Box popped up Southland Tales among the various suggested similar films.

I had rated it 4 stars the first time I saw it.

I changed my rating to 2 stars this time.

NoelCT said...

Do you remember what scored it those four stars the last time you saw it?

therealphoenixanew said...

All I can figure is that back then I was really convinced that the prequel comics would make the story make sense, and without them I was just judging the various performances.

I was also closer to the time when I really loved Dwayne Johnson from my wrestling watching days and loving Sarah Michelle Gellar thanks to Buffy, so maybe enjoying their performances (among others) made me overlook the glaring plot errors.

Strannik said...

A pretty good episode about a movie that, as I mentioned on Twitter, shows why everybody needs a good editor. I haven't seen any of Kelly's work, but Donnie Darko is on my list of things to see... eventually. Way, way after a lot of things I've been meaning to see.