Saturday, August 25, 2012

Announcing the Monthly Midnight Movie Exchange

There's many an odd movie out there. Unique, kitschy, silly, outside-the-mainstream stuff. There's also many a blog dedicated to celebrating and/or having a laugh at said films.

We figured, why not force existence to put up with yet another such blog. We are:

Tony - from The Super Saturday Short-Lived Showcase.

Angie - from Strangers from the Internet, The Hinges of Destiny, and Another One's Treasure.

Noel - from The Super Saturday Short-Lived Showcase, I Hate/Love Remakes, and Review Journal of an Obsessive Completist.

New posts go up on the first of every month, where we'll take turns picking a film for all three of us to watch and review. That's right, it's only a monthly blog, so we'll work hard to make each post thorough and worth the wait.

Debuting one week from today will be Tony's pick for our September review: Enter the Ninja (1981)